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CFE (Canbus Function Extender)
I am not sure if the CFE will work in my Volvo
CFE not working in car, but can configure on PC (1)
CFE not working in car, but can configure on PC (2)
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CFE Plus (Canbus Function Extender PLUS)
CFE plus not found by application (Driver not available in Windows)
I am not sure if the CFE Plus will work in my Volvo
Can i connect the CFE Plus to the AEM or RTI harness used for the CFE when i upgrade from a CFE Classic to a CFE Plus??
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MMMi (Most Multi Media Interface)
MMMi+ worked fine but suddenly stopped working, parrot or bury audio does not come trough anymore
VBB (Video Break-in Box)
2 sets seem to match my Volvo's configuration, i don't see any difference?
iMIV (iPod Melbus Multi Media Module)
I connected a reversing camera to my iMIV but it does not work
Reverse camera sometimes does not work
iMIV seems to be functional but i only see 1 source or no sources at all.
A2B (Aux to bluetooth upgrade)
Aux2Bluetooth works, but audio seems distorted
VF (Video Free and Camera Interface)
Webshop / Website Related
How can i make use of a coupon code?

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