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I am not sure if the CFE will work in my Volvo



You have the intention to buy a CFE (Canbus Function Extender) but you are not sure if it will work in your car.


Most general cause:



Download the CFE Updater tool and enter the VIN (=Chassisnumber) of your Volvo in the configuration page.


How to:

option 1:
Download and install the CFE Updater application HERE.
Then put the VIN (=Chassisnumber) of your Volvo in the configuration page of the updater app (see image attaced to this article) and see IF the CFE will work in your car and see which functions are available for your Volvo's type and modelyear.

DO read the functions manual to understand the functions and whether they will work in your Volvo.

Option 2:
Look at the list here; supported Volvo's are:
S60 2000-2009
S80 1999-2006
V70 2000-2008 (P2 type)
XC70 2000-2007 (p2 type)
XC90 2003-2014



cfe-vin.png cfe-vin.png

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