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2 sets seem to match my Volvo's configuration, i don't see any difference?


If you use the menu structure in our website (Choose Volvo type and modelyear in the top-menu and then for example 'reversing camera' in the left menu, you'll end up with 2 sets, looking almost the same.


There is a difference though; the camera type.

There are basically 2 types of camera's available for most Volvo's.
(of only 1 is given available then its safe to assume the other one won't fit!)


- Replaces the licenseplate light.
- light-bulb is moved over to camera (so there's still light from that side on the licenseplate!)
- does not require drilling in outside panels of the car
- plastic housing
- quite visible since it needs to stick out a bit
- installs fastest and most easy.



- Is mounted generally on the position where original camera's would be fit as well
- Metal housing (so very strong)
- Requires drilling in outside panel of the car
- Very small so not very visible


Are there technical differences / wiring differences?

- No, lens type and sensor are the same
- wiring is exactly the same


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