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CFE plus not found by application (Driver not available in Windows)


The CFE Plus config cable driver should be available in your standard windows (7,8 or 10) setup,
In some cases we have learned that the driver appears not to be available or 'cleaned' from the Windows installation.

The CFE cable presents itselves as a "Port (Com & LPT in the device manager of your PC).

It's called a "Silicon Labs Cp210X USB to UART Bridge".

In case you find the Config cable (so a device under "Ports") in the Windows device manager with an exclamation mark, you'll have to install the driver manually.

Please find the link to the download page of the Chipset manufacturer here:

The driver you need is the "VCP driver".

Do NOT use the Windows 10 Universal driver!

This driver particulary is suitable for all recent windows installations:




The CFE (not the Plus!) uses a with the application supplied driver.
That driver can NOT be used for the CFE plus!


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