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CFE Plus extended blinkers / indicator lights or comfort blinkers do not work immediately after CFE Plus is connected


In case the comfort indicator lights (as set in the CFE Updater tool) do not work directly after the CFE has initialized, you'll need to use the indicators (left- and right side) a few times with normal operation.


Normal use = full left (fixed so it sticks to the left) and let it blink for 5 times, fill right (fixed so it sticks to the right) and let it blink for 5 times.

Repeat the above 3 times.

Comfort blinkers will not work directly after the CFE is inserted into the OBD port.

The comfort blinkers (or extended blinkers / indicator lights) function will only work if you use the blinkers left and right a few times by normal operation after installation of the CFE Plus in your Volvo.



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