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Aux2Bluetooth works, but audio seems distorted



Aux2Bluetooth works (I can pair, play music) but the audio sounds a bit distorted.


Most general cause:

Over steering the input with a too high audio level.
Over steering the equalizer (specific frequencies).



Lower the audio input level.
Disable equalizer on the smartphone.


How to:

option 1:
Make sure on the smartphone connected to the Aux2Bluetooth upgrade the music volume is at approximately 50% to start with.
Disable any possible Equalizers!

Option 2:
Make sure the aux-input volume of your Volvo radio is set to 0 or -1.
(At your Volvo's radio; go to aux-settings and change the volume).
Reset the equalizer settings.
(At your Volvo's radio; go to settings, equalizer, reset).

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