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iMIV seems to be functional but i only see 1 source or no sources at all.



The CFE is configurable with the PC, settings seem to be stored.

CFE does not work in the car (no CFE functions visible).


Most general cause:

Firmware in the iMIV is not matching the Volvo's HU Radio type.



Upload matching firmware to the iMIV.


How to:

option 1:
Download the right firmware for your Volvo's HU type and upload to the iMIV.

You can find firmware in the download / firmware page on our website.

(or find the most common versions attached to this article!)

Please find manual on how-to (explaining for all HU type radio's) attached to this article.

VolvoTech.EU-manual-EN-firmwareupdate-imiv-v2.0.pdf VolvoTech.EU-manual-EN-firmwareupdate-imiv-v2.0.pdf

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