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I connected a reversing camera to my iMIV but it does not work



You just connected a rearview camera to (any) iMIV, but it does not work.


Most general cause:

FIrmware in the iMIV is not setup for auto reversing camera switching.



Upload matching firmware (Reverse camera patch) to the iMIV.


How to:

option 1:
Download the right patch (make sure it maches your iMIV Type) for your Volvo's HU type and upload it to the iMIV.

You can find firmware in the download / firmware page on our website.

(or find the most common versions attached to this article!)

Please find manual on how-to load firmware (explaining for all HU type radio's) attached to this article.


VolvoTech.EU-manual-EN-firmwareupdate-imiv-v2.0.pdf VolvoTech.EU-manual-EN-firmwareupdate-imiv-v2.0.pdf

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