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Reverse camera sometimes does not work



Reverse camera connected to the iMIV Generally works but sometimes won't show on the RTI display.


Most general cause:

The RTI computer in your car is not aware of the reverse gear selection and therefor cannot instruct the iMIV to make the switch to the reverse camera on the RTI display. 



Make sure the RTI computer is fully started.
Check for possible causes in your Volvo.


How to:

option 1:

After the car's engine is running, make sure the RTI display is 'up' and the navigation is 'started'.

option 2:

Check the reversing lights at the moment the switch fails. If the fail as well, most probably the reverse gear switch on the gearbox is broken or has a bad connection.
Please see your Volvo dealer to check.

In case it fails at one point, please do a test; switch gear back to Neutral (or Parking) and back into reverse again. If it works then, most probably the afore mentioned switch or wiring is failing.

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